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San Diego Masonry Contractor  Stone Rock Wall 10.jpg

3678 BELLVALE CLAIREMONT - Our client contacted us to see if we could replace a rock wall in their front yard. They had seen what we had done on Mount Helix and wanted something done that might reflect on the style as we did up there.

San Diego Masonry Block Wall

San Diego Masonry Contractor  Stone Rock Wall 11.jpg

3678 BELLVALE CLAIREMONT - The wall that we built was only 14" tall. That is not a lot of room to work with but we figured out how to bring the same style of craftmanship to this project as we did on Mount Helix.

If you want to see only Masonry Retaining Walls that Tidwell Masonry built, please use this link SAN DIEGO RETAINING WALLS

San Diego Masonry Contractor  Stone Rock Wall 12.jpg

3678 BELLVALE CLAIREMONT - The stone that was used on this project is called BAJA CRESTA GREY and was purchased from THOMPSON'S BUILDING SUPPLY in Lemon Grove. we added some color to the mortar to darken it some to bring out the darker greys in the stone.

San Diego Masonry Contractor  Stone Rock Wall 13.jpg


To see more of Tidwell Masonry's veneer projects in San Diego, use this link SAN DIEGO MASONRY VENEER

San Diego Masonry Block Wall


San Diego Stone Masonry Fireplace.jpg

12865 CHAPARRAL RIDGE RD. CARMEL VALLEY - This beautiful OUTDOOR STONE FIREPLACE was built using the Arizona Moss building stone from KRC ROCK AND STONE. The neat thing about this type of rock is that it has moss growing on it! We used the Arizona Moss Strip Flagstone for the arch detail, mantle and hearth. We have more images of this OUTDOOR STONE FIREPLACE on our fireplace page. You can go HERE see more of it.

San Diego Stone Masonry Fireplace 1.jpg

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